The Shepherd and The Sheepcote

"When dusk falls, shepherds lead their sheep to a safe place to spend the night, where wolves or other predators cannot prey on the sleeping sheep. Usually the shepherd builds a stone enclosure with a small opening and he calls the sheep one by one into the sheepcote for the night. When all the sheep are safely inside the sheepfold, he will lie down in the opening so that nothing can come in the only door to harm the sheep.

The Shepherd always protects The Sheep!"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As the world spins, we spin and spin....

I have been so busy knitting things for the sales that I have not taken much time to spin lately and it is starting to show as my homespun stash is dramatically depleted!  A job for this winter.  My wonderful friend Karen  came over last Saturday, even though she has been a little under the weather and we spent some time spinning and critiquing each other's plying methods as we watched the dvd "the gentle art of plying" by Judith M.  We concentrated on spinning colors although Karen had spun some wonderful green roving into a beautiful two ply heavy yarn.

The above is some of my colorful border leceister locks that I was just picking open and spinning from the locks after I dyed it all of cource.  Below is some of Karen's lovely spinning and her beautiful wool socks.

 We had been going to do some eco-dyeing on Saturday but just weren't up for the task but she did bring along some of her beautiful scarves that she did eco-dye and she sells at the Minnetonka Art Center I believe is the place.  I think they are quite lovely with the natural dye colors and then the maple, oak, and rose leaves.
Karen is a great lover of shibori also and has done some of it on the edges as you can see.
It was so great to get together and feel the loose fibers run through my fingers again...such good therapy.
One last sale on Saturday in Delano and then I am ready for lots and lots of "therapy"...hope you all had a good holiday!

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  1. What fun..........
    BTW-love the wheel, I even rearranged the living room to accommodate it. Thank you again!